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General Options

Follow this step to customize the Colors and Fonts of your theme.

  • First go to Appearance > Customize > General Options
  • Then follow the instructions below:

Container Width #

  • We have this options to help you change the main width of your website.
    (We recommend you to keep the width in between 1200px – 1500px for better User Experiences.)

Image Border #

  • You can change the Border Radius of the Featured Images as well as Thumbnails using this option.

Pagination #

  • You can change the Pagination type by selecting this option.

Social Media #

This can be used for two reason:

  • Social Links: You can add link to your social media profile from this option. Simple give the names and add links.
  • Social Share: You can choose this option to enable the social sharing. You can select the social sharing links you wish from the list. You can add your twitter handle to share it better in twitter.

Background Image #

You can add background image for your website using this option.

Footer/Copyright #

You can add your own Footer Copyright from here. (Only supported in Pro Version).

Readmore Button #

You can change the text for Read More from here. The changed text will be applied in the entire website.

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