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6 Popular and Best Travel Plugin For 2022

6 Best Travel Plugin

Do you want to build a WordPress Website related to travel and tours? Moreover, searching for the best travel plugin. If yes, we are here with the 5+ best travel plugins for your website.

Everyone loves traveling and in the 21st century, we look for the easy way in every situation. Similarly when we need to travel, we look for a website, which will provide us the best offer for our trip. If you are the one who needs to build such a website. WordPress will be the best platform for you.  Because of its outstanding themes and plugins.

Today in this article, we are going to talk about the best travel plugin. Before we go to the list, let me tell you what is a plugin

What is a WordPress plugins?

Plugins in WordPress are piece of code written in PHP which comes with additional features. WordPress has 1000+ free and premium plugins that are going to add a charm to your website.

Advantages of Plugins

  • Time saving
  • Comes with additional features
  • Offers flexibility
  • Reliable

Now, as you have come across the advantages of plugins, lets dive into the list of travel plugin that we have gathered for you, that will help you to create a better travel & tour website.

1. WP Travel Engine

WP Travel Engine

One of the best travel WordPress plugin is WP Travel Engine.  WP Travel Engine is a powerful, flexible, clean, elegant WordPress plugin. Moreover, the features of the plugin are eye-catching and come with the regular updates. Additionally, you are going to get free support and updates.

The plugin is compatible with many free and premium plugin add-ons that will help you to create an outstanding website with very less effort. The plugin is just perfect if you want to switch your blogging website to a travel website. You just need to download the plugin, add the package, integrate the payment gateway and your website is ready. WP Travel Engine comes with the outstanding features, some of them are


  • Comes with ample features and they are very user-friendly
  • Unlimited trip facts
  • Shortcodes available
  • Well documented
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Comes in both free and premium versions
  • Free and premium themes compatibility

2. Yatra


The first travel plugin in our list is Yatra. Yatra is a free WordPress plugin. Although Yatra is a free plugin it comes with outstanding features by which we can build a travel friendly website in WordPress CMS. The plugin is simple, clean, decent and fast by which a fast and clean website can be built.

The plugin is fully customizable and can be used for many free WordPress powered websites. Yatra is GPL compatible. The best part of the plugin is that it comes with the free supports and updates.  It comes with unlimited options for making an itinerary of a single tour. Additionally, you can get particular features and can contact the author for the added features.


  • Comes with unlimited Tour Options
  • Destination option
  • Activity Options
  • Custom Attributes
  • Unlimited Itinerary
  • Fronted Tab Design
  • Unlimited FQA Option

3. WP Travel

WP Travel

WP travel is the best Travel plugin. Trust me; if you are looking for a travel plugin for your website WP travel is best for you. WP Travel is a complete package for travel and tours related websites. Furthermore, the plugin comes with outstanding features and is fully customizable. Trust me; you are going to love the plugin for your website.

WP Travel is SEO friendly and fully responsive plugin, which will make your website to fit in every screen type and SEO friendly, helps you to take a good place in Google. You can easily build the website with the plugin without any effort. In short, you can easily build a superb website with WP Travel with very less effort.


  • Tours filters based on price, location and so on
  • Comes with simple booking system
  • Translation Ready
  • Tax option
  • Map Setting
  • Free Support and regular updates
  • Comes with awesome dashboard

4. Travelpayouts

Travel Payouts

Another plugin in our list is Travelpayouts. Travelpayouts is also the best plugin for travel websites. The plugin is easy to install and easy to use. The best part about the plugin is that it provides lower priced flights, hotels and calendars. Actually, the plugin provides you a perfect platform to cover the entire range of travel services.

Moreover, your visitors can organize their travel which is definitely going to increase your business and also help your visitors to make decisions as per their needs. Believe me the plugin is going to make your website site outstanding and help you to get your valuable customers.


  • Cheap Calendar
  • Hotel Widget
  • 2 customizable tables with hotel price and information
  • Well Documented
  • SEO Friendly and fully responsive
  • Support all kinds of Currencies
  • Popular flight destination Widget

5. WP Booking

WP bookings

The plugin works, as its name is. In Short, this is a WordPress plugin that creates a complete booking system. The WP Booking is a complete solution for travel and travel booking websites. The plugin is fully responsive and mobile friendly WordPress plugin. Trust me, you are going to love the plugin for your travel website.

You can easily build the website without any extra effort. Additionally, the plugin is perfectly compatible with every WordPress theme.


  • Accommodation and tour listing
  • Advanced search and filter widget
  • Booking form with calendar
  • Responsive and SEO friendly
  • Booking history for users
  • Email notifications with customizable template
  • Best travel WordPress plugin

6. Travel Map

travel map

When it comes about travel we always think about a new place and for the new place we need a map for our safety. Travel Map is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to develop, trace and manage your travel journey from WordPress admin. The plugin is very free and helps you to create a perfect WordPress Website in very less effort.

This plugin lets you display a full map of the journey. You are going to get full support from the team. In addition, the plugin is developer friendly and specially developed to show the location of the travel destination and shows the best route and details.


  • One-click geolocation
  • Color option to draw maps
  • Links photos and articles
  • Trace line for roads
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Custom theme map
  • Embed map


In this article, we have listed the 6 best travel plugins. The listed plugins are the best travel plugins in the present time. We have listed the plugins along with their features. All of them are best in their own way. You can pick one according to your needs. We hope you liked this article and it is going to be useful for you.

Hope you like the article. You are free to send you queries if any related to the topic. And also can suggest to us the topic you want to look for. Keep on visiting us for more such articles.

Thank you,and have a good time.

Amit Bajracharya

Amit Bajracharya

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