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10+ Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for 2021

Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for Gutenberg Blocks plugin? If yes, you are in the right way. 

Gutenberg Blocks helps you to make your content powerful and attractive. You can simply drag and drop its blocks to customize your content. You can use such blocks for paragraphs, headings, images, cover, columns, quote, and many more. 

If you visit the WordPress directory, you will get thousands of options. But for your ease, we came with a list of the 10+ best Gutenberg Blocks plugins. So go through the list and get the best one for you.

Popular Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for 2021


PostX is a Gutenberg compatible WordPress blocks plugin that’s highly suitable for magazine blogs, news, personal portfolios, and recipe WordPress sites. It’s a smooth and fluid block builder plugin that’s got a ton of customization options alongside some strong addons.


  • It’s super easy to use. 
  • Features a ton of customizable post blocks and layout packs. 
  • The Archive Builder addon has proper shortcode support. 
  • There’re Meta addons for popular SEO plugins. 
  • Smooth AJAX filtering and pagination are there. 
  • Image Lazy Loading is available. 
  • Quick Query to sort posts by taxonomy. 
  • Easy typography and other design controls are very user-friendly.   


  • Post Grid(7+): Grid display with/without Overlay.  
  • Post List(4+):  Post listing with Image. 
  • Archive Title: Post archive design.  
  • Post Module(2+): Post size variation design. 
  • Post Slider: Slider blocks design. 
  • Taxonomy: Taxonomy list design.  
  • Heading: Heading design. 
  • Image: Image design.  
  • Wrapper: Post wrapper design.  


Here, the list started with Blockspare. It is an amazing Gutenberg blocks plugin with which you can create an amazing website. Blockspare is a free Gutenberg block plugin for WordPress that comes with 29+ custom blocks. Here, you will also find 100+ pre-designed templates. You can easily create websites for portfolios, businesses, eCommerce, and other website types.


  • Comes with 100+ Pre-designed Blocks Layouts
  • 30+ Custom WordPress Blocks
  • Offers gradients Color Effects
  • Comes with 5 awesome font Icons
  • Re-arrangeable Inner Blocks
  • Built with highly customizable layouts
  • Provides Shape divider with container
  • Box-shadow and borders


  • Empty Section
  • Posts list
  • Posts Grid
  • Post Carousel
  • CounterUser Profile
  • Shape Divider
  • Testimonial
  • Tabs
  • Star rating
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Links
  • Services
  • Section header
  • Price table
  • Price List
  • Notice bar
  • Image masonry
  • Logo Grid
  • Progress Bar
  • Image Slider
  • Icon List
  • Icon
  • Image Carousel
  • Container 
  • Content Box
  • Call to Action
  • Button
  • Accordion


Qubely, a full-fledged Gutenberg blocks plugin comes with plenty of built-in sections. It comes with a bundle of ready-to-use layouts to create pages and posts. With this, you can easily minimize the limitations of the Gutenberg editor. Qubely helps you build any simple to complex WordPress website with easy access.


  • Built with predefined sections
  • Customizable row and columns
  • Column resizing
  • Comes with a shape divider/builder
  • Provides responsive controls
  • Comes with unlimited Google web fonts
  • Provides Classic & gradient color and background
  • Built-in animation


  • Row
  • Button
  • Testimonial
  • Heading
  • Counter
  • Tabs
  • Accordion/Toggle
  • Advanced Text
  • Video Popup
  • Google Map
  • Progress Bar
  • Icon
  • Divider
  • Social Icons
  • Button Group
  • Button
  • Info Box
  • Advanced List
  • Contact Form
  • Icon List
  • Pricing
  • Block Wrapper
  • Team
  • More Gutenberg blocks coming

Easy Blocks

Easy Blocks reflects features of some beautiful blocks. It helps you to customize your site in an elegant way. Now showcase your content in a more attractive way to get huge traffic. And with more traffic, you will get a top SEO rank. Since this Gutenberg blocks plugin comes with several powerful blocks, you can customize your site very well. Easy Blocks is both easy to use and increases your site performance.


  • Allows you to create an author profile
  • Colored background
  • Provides line separator
  • Built-in beautiful blocks
  • Easy customization
  • Easy to use
  • Beginners friendly


  • Testimonial Block
  • Alert / Notification
  • Call To Action
  • Card Image and Text
  • Image and Content
  • Heading & Sub Heading
  • Blockquotes
  • Testimonial Slider Block
  • Click to Tweet Block
  • Hero Image Block
  • Instagram Block
  • Feature Box
  • Feature Grid
  • Pricing Table
  • Author / Profile Box
  • Advertisement Block


Likewise, CoBlocks is an ideal builder Gutenberg Blocks plugin. Compared to other Gutenberg block plugins, CoBlocks does not come with many blocks. But still, its blocks are more powerful than others. CoBlocks offers really great typography controls. Now with some attractive set fonts, colors, size and weights, you can create eye-catchy content. Likewise, the plugin is built with an amazing collection of page-building WordPress blocks. 


  • Helps you to design web pages beautifully
  • Provides true page builder experience
  • Responsive margin 
  • Comes with padding settings
  • Built with stunning page layout
  • Provides well-detailed documentation
  • great typography controls
  • Builts with an amazing collection of blocks


  • Accordion
  • Alert
  • Author Profile
  • Click to tweet
  • Dynamic separator
  • Gif
  • Github Gist
  • Highlight
  • Pricing Table
  • Social Sharing

Kadence Blocks  

Kadence Blocks, one of the best Gutenberg blocks plugins comes with high functionality of blocks. With this, you will get outstanding customization for the site. Now, showcase your site’s content in an elegant way with its attractive blocks. Go through its all blocks, use the required one and deactivate the remaining one. Hence, Kadence block will make your site clean and lightweight.


  • Prebuilt Library
  • Fast set up 
  • Comes with 800+ Google fonts
  • 1500+ icons are available
  • Built with responsive layout
  • Comes with high functionality of blocks
  • Dedicated supportive team


  • Row Layout
  • Advanced Heading
  • Advanced Button
  • Tabs
  • Icons
  • Spacer / Divider

Ultimate Blocks

Get some handful number of custom Gutenberg blocks only with Ultimate Blocks. The plugin is specially designed for bloggers and content marketers. They can get better and engaging content for their users. If you are thinking of building modern website for your business, Ultimate Blocks is the best Gutenberg Blocks plugin.


  • Allows you to add a custom divider between your blocks
  • Lightweight and faster
  • Simple and clean
  • Option to add a countdown 
  • Comes with Social share buttons
  • Option to show hidden content
  • Provides best features for bloggers and marketers
  • Engage more traffic


  • Table Of Contents
  • Content Filter
  • Content Toggle
  • Tabbed Content
  • Star Ratings
  • Social Share
  • Review (Schema Markup Enabled)
  • Call To Action
  • Feature Box
  • Notification Box
  • Number Box
  • Testimonial
  • Click to Tweet
  • Countdown
  • Progress Bar
  • Star Rating
  • Button (Improved)
  • Divider


Gutenberg Blocks Plugins Toolset

Similarly, Toolset is a powerful gutenberg Blocks plugin to create dynamic content. With this, you can get correct information for each post. It helps you to create custom types, custom fields, custom taxonomy and even post relationships quickly with an easy access. You are free to build any kind of list only with its powerful features such as pagination and AJAX.


  • Comes with beautiful Designs 
  • Pixel-accurate designs
  • Built-in drag and drop editor
  • Provides pagination and AJAX updates
  • Builds complete listing sites for any content
  • Offers several dynamic-ready plugins
  • Built with a simple display


  • Heading
  • Single field
  • Image
  • View
  • Button
  • Content template
  • Form
  • Map
  • Audio
  • Conditional
  • Container
  • Countdown
  • Fields and Text
  • Progress indicator
  • Repeating field/gallery
  • Social share
  • Star rating
  • Video

Otter Blocks

Otter blocks is a lightweight Gutenberg Blocks plugins. With its amazing features anyone can build an amazing website with an easy access. Otter Blocks is best for creating complex pages for business, eCommerce, blog posts, and many more. Among its all blocks, section block is the most powerful one. This block is responsible for creating columns very easily from the different layouts.


  • Lightweight and faster plugin
  • Option to create complex pages
  • Create columns from the different layouts
  • Built with responsive layout
  • Well detailed documentation
  • Easily deals with other plugins


  • Section Block
  • Advanced Heading Block
  • Button Group
  • Service Block
  • Pricing Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Google Maps Block
  • About Author Block
  • Post Grid Block
  • Font Awesome Block
  • Sharing Icons Block
  • Plugin Card Block


Moving forward, Getwid is an extensive library Gutenberg Blocks plugin. It is applicable for websites like corporate sites, landing pages, eCommerce, blogs, small business websites, and many more. Getwid comes with biggest block collections that offers 34+ comprehensive Gutenberg blocks. Since it is easy to use, even a layman can handle its blocks very well. 


  • Comes with 34+ comprehensive Gutenberg blocks
  • Unlimited animated markers 
  • Fully customizable tooltips
  • Display chronological order 
  • Integrated with MailChimp API
  • Easy-to-use page building
  • Comes with content editing tools


  • Section
  • Advanced Heading
  • Google Maps
  • Icon Block
  • Icon Box
  • Image Box
  • Social Links
  • Banner
  • Image Slider
  • Media & Text Slider
  • Button Group
  • Person Block
  • Accordion
  • Toggle
  • Tabs
  • Image Stack Gallery
  • Testimonial
  • Recent Posts
  • Advanced Spacer
  • Instagram
  • Counter
  • Price Box
  • Progress Bar
  • Circular Progress Bar


Last but not least, Gutentor is the best Gutenberg Block plugin. It comes with some ultra-responsive features for your site customization. With this you can you can create your content easily. Here, you will get animated effects, structurize content, custom backgrounds, and publications to showcase your layout.


  • Comes with multiple post layout
  • Provides ultra-responsive features
  • Works well without using page builder
  • Simple to use
  • SEO-Friendly features
  • Provides dozen of styling setting


  • Section
  • Banner
  • Advanced map
  • Circle progress
  • Countdown timer
  • Icon list
  • Progress bar
  • Blurbs
  • Heading
  • Image comparison
  • Carousel
  • Pricing table
  • Animated box
  • Subscribe
  • Tabs
  • Contact Form 7
  • Posts
  • Team Members
  • Testimonials


Finally, we did with all listed WordPress Gutenberg Blocks plugins. All these plugins are built with outstanding features. Since the plugins comes with powerful Blocks, use it to customize your site in elegant way. Also, all these are beginners -friendly, anyone can deal with these Gutenberg Blocks plugin very well.

Hopefully, you get this article helpful to you. If you are getting any issues, feel free to contact us. You can send your queries through our comment section. We will get back with your answer as soon as possible.

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